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  1. 2011.04.28 TI 오픈 소스 무선랜 솔루션
Development/Network2011.04.28 13:46

TI introduces OpenLink™, open source wireless connectivity solutions for low power applications

TI가 모바일용, 배터리 최적화된 WiFi 솔루션을 OpenLink라는 오픈 소스 리눅스 커뮤니티를 통해 발표했습니다.

해당되는 칩셋을 찾아보니, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM 콤보칩으로 TI에서는 WiLink 6.0 Solution 이라고 부릅니다.
WL1271(802.11 b/g/n) , WL1273 (802.11 a/b/g/n) 2가지 종류의 칩이 있군요.

WiLink 6.0 Block Diagram

WiLink 6.0 Block Diagram

하드웨에 플랫폼
그리고 지원하는 Hardware 플랫폼은 BeagleBordPandaBoard입니다. => http://www.openlink.org/platforms

OpenLink에 대한 내용은 다음을 참고..

What is OpenLink.org?

OpenLink.org provides a single access point to resources for open connectivity development, such as:

  • Access to TI's open connectivity drivers: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio technologies
  • Software support for popular Linux-based OSs such as Android, MeeGo and Ubuntu
  • Project registration, sharing, maintenance and tracking
  • Hardware support for development platforms such as BeagleBoard and PandaBoard
  • Opportunity to request support for other industry development platforms
  • Community engagement through a dedicated IRC channel, wiki and mailing list
  • Related news, event and video information

What resources provide more information about OpenLink wireless connectivity drivers, OpenLink.org and unique ways to engage?


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